To My Facebook Friends: I'm Sorry

Published on July 21, 2023

Most of my closest friends aren't active on social media. They might have an account, but if I opened my feed it's full of posts from people I'm not that close with. Some may be friends from the past I haven't kept up with, others may be people I knew breifly and haven't talked to since. Despite this, I've gotten to know these people much better than I otherwise would have. Entirely from updates coming across my feed.

I've seen their fun trips with their friends, followed their kids growing up, and maybe learned their stance on the current political hot topic. Since I rarely post on social media, this is a one-way relationship. I want to give them a way to artificially know me too, but I'm too prideful of the fact that I don't use social media for me to start posting more regularly.

Instead I've created a new way to "get to know me." From this point forward anyone can use my new website to get to know my opinion on any of over 700 topics, 24/7, without any interaction. For each topic you'll you look up, I'll only return a single emoji to capture my opinion of it. If you find this too limiting, shoot me a message, and we can actually catch up.

Until then, I present

Written by Graham Park