Mastodon as a Microblog

Published on April 01, 2023

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Mastodon has been gaining a lot of steam lately. I don't know how many people actually migrated from Twitter to Mastodon, but there are certainly more people talking about it than a year or two ago. I personally have been hesitant to jump on board. I've wanted to love Mastodon. I love its stance on privacy, data ownership, and trying to create healthier communities, but those stances also limit its ability to replace Twitter's ease of use and discoverability. Because of this it never stuck when I tried it out. Now I'm returning to Mastodon though, not as a Twitter replacement but to fill a different use case.


I've been searching for a while to find a convenient way to catalog articles and videos I may want to reference later. What I'm imagining is a system that:

I've yet to find a single product targetting my (arguably niche) use case, but there's several that work "well enough".

Previous Solutions

So far I've tried:

None of these platforms fit my needs well enough for me to start using them, but then when poking around a Mastodon recently I realized it may work.

How I use Mastodon

My current setup is:

So in practice, I rarely open the Mastodon app. Its role is to easily enable sharing articles from all different platforms and consuming them via RSS wherever you like. I imagine most tech companies wouldn't be okay with this sort of approach, but because Mastodon doesn't depend on ad revenue for people using their app they can. I have set up a recurring contribution to the maintainers of my mastodon instance to help cover server costs, but this isn't required.


There are still a few drawbacks to Mastodon for me:

Despite all these, I'm still pretty happy with it. I plan to continue sharing all the interesting things I come across, so feel free to check out my history, or even give me a follow:

Written by Graham Park